March 1st 2022 - Sasol Wax GmbH joins the AWAX Group and changes name into Hywax GmbH.

“Hy”, short for “hydrogen”, stands for the utmost importance this element holds for us: a sustainable and renewable production ally, protagonist of the hydrofinishing process for which Hywax has a technological leadership.

Hywax is the leading specialist in innovative wax technology, offering customers all over the world a wide range of wax products of the highest quality and purity. Hywax, like the other companies of the AWAX Group, operates independently.

Hywax offers an extensive portfolio of products featuring paraffin, microcrystalline and synthetic Fischer-Tropsch waxes, petroleum jellies as well as tailor-made blends and emulsions.

Actively supplying every industrial application including: hot melt adhesives, polymer processing, inks, paints, coatings, rubber, tire, paper, packaging, textiles, cosmetics, Pharma, construction board as well as road construction, candles and many others.

R & D

State-of-the-art Research & Development focused on highest purity waxes and custom blends for all applications


World leading specialist in innovative wax technology, offering customers all over the world a wide range of wax products of the highest quality


Focused on renewable and green raw materials and technologies. Zero waste policy and upcycling of all production by-products

Product Categories

Fischer-Tropsch waxes

Hywax is world leader in the production and distribution of hydrotreated synthetic Fischer-Tropsch (FT) waxes.

F-T waxes are made in a controlled environment using carbon monoxide and hydrogen as feedstock, producing saturated, straight-chain hydrocarbons of consistently high purity and quality. The very linear molecular structure of the wax results in many desirable properties. State-of-the-art fractionation, micronization and chemical modification yield a wide range of products with unique physical and chemical characteristics.

The product range includes high-melt waxes used as performance additives in applications such as hot melt adhesives, inks and coatings, bitumen, polymers and textile and medium-melt waxes which are used in similar applications to paraffin waxes.

Paraffin waxes

The paraffin waxes produced by Hywax are of the highest purity. The highly refined grades meet the specifications for food contact, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. Continuous quality controls ensure constant high quality standards.

Microcrystalline waxes

Hywax offers a full range of microcrystalline waxes. Typical applications include cosmetics, chewing gum, packaging, pharmaceuticals and technical applications such as adhesives for book-binding.

Petroleum Jellies

Hywax supplies white and yellow pharmaceutical petroleum jellies for use in cosmetic, personal care and Pharma products as well as technical jellies for numerous industrial applications.

Whether technical or pharmaceutical, both product groups are subject to the highest quality requirements. Compliance with these requirements is strictly controlled.

Emulsions and Dispersions

Hywax offers a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art wax dispersions and oil emulsions.

Our performance additives are designed to convey maximum hydrophobing to sophisticated construction materials such as high-density fiberboard and gypsum board. They add impregnation to textile and paper applications. Lubrication and dust-binding properties furthermore enhance process performance on fast-running production lines.

Product Applications

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